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Sep 29

mytimmy18 said: I love how light and easy their relationship is. Can't wait for date night.

i hope it’s as good as chris wants it to be…. it is light and easy but he nearly killed her during that little meet-up with her, lele, and kellen in her front room…. lol….. thanks for reading…

Chapter 44


This is a fail. Even before anything happens I already know this night is not going to turn out how it was planned. I don’t know what dumb ass… me… came up with this night and thought it would be a good idea because it’s not. Not even five minutes into this and I already know it’s a bad idea and something we should not even begin to attempt. After Mijo’s party and that mess in the hallway this idea was hatched and to be quite frank I should have ignored it but I didn’t and now I’m staring at him from across the room ready to attack him. When I told him my idea he laughed at first but then agreed to go along with it. If I was using any part of my brain then I would have realized his compliance was probably given because he wanted to torture me.

I came up with all of these elaborate scenarios and stories to make this night happen and now that it’s here I’m damn near shaking in the corner trying to come up with different ways to get out of it. It’s not that I don’t want it to happen but the way my control is set up I don’t think I’m going to make it.

Softly whispering as he stared back at me, “It’s just us Robyn…”

“I know…”

“It’s not like we haven’t seen it before or…”

“You’re not making this easy…”

Softly laughing, “What did I do?”

“You agreed to this mess…”

“I can always stop and go back home…”

Softly whispering as I shook my head, “No…”

“Then what do you want to do?”

Lightly biting my bottom lip I thought before I mumbled out my response, “You have to keep your hands to yourself…”



Softly sighing, “Alright fine…”

“And… and turn around until I’m finished…”

“Robyn really…”

“I know it’s crazy but…”

Slowly nodding as he stared back at me, “It is…”

“Chris please…”

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Sep 27

Anonymous said: It seems as though we're getting each story spaced out even more. I can't even keep track of which one is next in the rotation and I'm beginning to forget all the little connections that keep each story interesting. Please do something to make it better.

the only thing i can do is post when i finish up the chapter….. this will be posted sometime tomorrow…. following that will be a chapter of what you see…..

Aug 29

Anonymous said: U are an amazing writer n i hope u get alot of recognition for yr writing skills . I love all yr fanfics. God bless u n take care

aww thank you……

elisenicole2 said: I hope Chris bought his own painting to give to Robyn and not creepy ass Kellen.

now how fun would it be for chris to buy his own painting? that would have been a sweet gesture but naw……

Anonymous said: Are we getting Chris' and Robyn's date soon?

yep…… it will either be the next chapter or the one after…. gonna flip a coin to decide where i put it…. it works either way…. but it’s coming….

Aug 19

Anonymous said: There are going to be alot of chapters u said so whoever she picks we will see how there relationship and those dreams that chris and Robyn keep having about a baby are signs I am just saying chris and Robyn are going to have beautiful kids together if she can make up her mind before chris meets and falls for a girl that is not playing games

yeah you will see them play out…. robyn is not playing games she just ain’t said her decision out loud…… she’s is going to have beautiful kids regardless though…… thanks for reading…

Anonymous said: Is it fair that Robyn can have Kellen but Chris can't have his lil side action while he patiently waits for her? Lol

well this all started because chris had some side action and brought in sydney and her crew…. he really can’t bitch and moan because kellen is here now….. it might not be fair but that’s how things are now…. chris going out to get side action would not be indicative of him wanting her and their relationship to happen and work…… thanks for reading….

Aug 18

celebrityministry said: Can I just say thank you for updating this story!! I'm so ready for these two just get it right.

they will…… well at least i think they will….. gotta see how things shake out first…. but in the end those who are supposed to be together will be…… thanks for reading….

Anonymous said: Robyn knows who she wants... she just isnt ready to say it yet... will there be any babies in this ff? but yeah robyn cant be like that with chris and then go to Kellen.

you hit it right on the head…. she knows…… no babies that i know of……. 

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