What Will Be

It's the words and feelings not said that mean the absolute most...

Oct 20

Anonymous said: Lol is that a no???

chile i don’t know….

Anonymous said: Updating today?!

from the looks of things…………………………………………

Anonymous said: Please update soon I can not wait for the date

i’m trying for tonight……. don’t hold me to it but a sista is trying….

Oct 19

Anonymous said: When r u updating ? am so ready for her to tell kellen what it is. ...

really soon….. in the coming chapter kellen and telling him anything will be the last thing on her mind….. it’s date night for her and chris….

Oct 18

Anonymous said: I think kellen knows Robyn heart and that it belongs to chris but he is trying to win her over but it will not work him buying that painting was a failed attempt loooove this story and I can not wait for the date and the night they will have after the date lol

typing it right now… kellen knows nothing but what he wants…. if he knew robyn’s heart this dual dating thing would have never happened…. he’s a good dude that met robyn after she had already given her heart to chris….. after the date might be surprising….. thanks for reading….

Oct 14

Anonymous said: Is this a secondary blog? What other ff do you write/have you writen?

there are a few….

If Done Again - fanfic about life, love, and how different it would be if things could be if simply done once again. 

One Look - What happens when one look is not near enough… [complete]

Past Shadows - The sequel to One Look… and the story of what happens when on look becomes so much more…

Rewriting The Past - If you could would you go back and right the wrongs you’ve done? [complete]

No Rhyme No Reason - When love calls there is neither…

What You See - Do we ever truly see what’s right in front of us?

Anonymous said: I enjoyed reading your fic. I stayed up late last night to catch up on the chapters. I'm really interested to see how Robyn tells ole boy. You're a great writer, please keep it up.

aww thank you….. how she will tell him…… that’s a good question…. if he were to open his eyes and really see what is in front of him there would be no need for telling anything…. anywhoo…. it will be interesting….. thanks for reading….

Oct 5

Anonymous said: I need Robyn to choose this had been going on too long and I want her to have to chose before she lose a goo thing

did you read the last chapter? her choice was made…. now she needs to tell kellen….

Oct 1

shammy78 said: Yes finally she admitted out loud she wants Chris. I'm excited for their fat wits been a long time a coming. What kind of foolery is naked Sunday when they not supposed to be touching and loving? Great chapter as usual.

she came up with a name she knew would get him in there…. no way they were going that whole day without a touch, taste, fondle…. they both knew it when they stripped…. their first date… it had better be good as long as it took to get here…. and her admitting a truth he already knew… took forever for that too but thank goodness she said it…. thanks for reading….

Sep 29

mytimmy18 said: I love how light and easy their relationship is. Can't wait for date night.

i hope it’s as good as chris wants it to be…. it is light and easy but he nearly killed her during that little meet-up with her, lele, and kellen in her front room…. lol….. thanks for reading…

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