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Apr 11

Anonymous asked: Will the next chapter be about boring ass kellen and robyn ( she should be somewhere else 😏) ?? Or someone's pov?

it will be kellen’s pov…… you have the option of not reading it if you feel it’s not something you prefer not to…… don’t know if you still will be able to follow along with the story but whatevs……

Apr 10

Anonymous asked: Please... robyn and that dude will go all the way?? Nooo i can't read all that... I don't like kellen at all. He will never be chris no matter how he tries.. Btw really adorable chapter <3

aww read it…. it might not be that bad….. and as far as going all the way…. who knows…. gotta see how the date goes…… and now doubt he can never be him…… he needs not even try….. thanks for the compliment and taking the time to read…..

Anonymous asked: Noo a date with kellen 😞 but I didn't understand a thing.. Was she drunk or sober when they talked during the night whit chris??

the date with kellen won’t be that bad….. at least i don’t think it will be bad but then again……

while her and chris were drinking and smoking they both knew what was going on and wanted it to happen….. there are no regrets and if she did not have a date with kellen she just might have taken chris up on his offer to stay in bed all day….

Anonymous asked: Cracking up, Chris slick as hell for putting them hickies on her! This was a great chapter! But, dang I wish we were given more details or the actual scene of the kickback with rob, her two dudes and Lee talking sex! So, who did she hang around , does Kellen know that Rob is friendly with Chris again, does he suspect anything?? I'm ready for next chapter!

chris is marking his territory….. he knew exactly what he was doing….. didn’t think folks wanted to hear the convo…… don’t worry there will come a chapter when all of them are at a kickback/party and i’ll be sure to add the awkward conversation…… and yes kellen knows shes hanging with chris….. y’all find out his thoughts on it next chapter….. thanks for the compliment and taking the time to read……

Apr 9

Anonymous asked: If Robyn does go there kellen on there date I hope she makes him wear a condom because having sex with both guys is bad but sleeping with both is worse and if chris dream does come true with Robyn having a baby they will be on Maury lol

there will be no need for maury…..lol

Anonymous asked: PLEASE DONT TAKE SO LONG TO UPDATE:( it was so good

friday or saturday……….

babiegyrle asked: That was a good update.. Ughhhhh... Her and Still seeing Kellan. Is she going to tell Kellan that she's hanging out with Chris outside of work. Geesh what was that like 3 times before they left for work. .. LOL he left hickies on her body .. oh my. I can't wait til the next update.

they… chris and kellen…. both know that she is collectively dating them at the same time…. do they both like it…. we’ll see soon enough…..

those hickies…. chris knew what he was doing…… no way was he going to let her go out unmarked after hearing kellen would be around later……

yeah three times before work and chris was ready to put in work after…… imagine if he really wanted to sex her into picking him….. robyn wouldn’t be able to walk for real….. lol…… thanks for reading….

Anonymous asked: Oh gosh they'so cute...i wonder why robyn is still holding on what chris did because also kellen made a mistake, the only difference is that her and chris have been knowing and loving each other for such a long time but kellen... Just at the thought of her going back to chris and he acted like a scared kid. I think he had been really selfish and weak...well anyway i can't stand a date between robs and kellen but i'll wait till chris' date...if everything goes right. Btw good chapter

she’s not holding on…. she’s just a little scared to step all the way out there with chris….. she will have to decide that soon enough….. kellen…. well yeah that a whole other story…… prepare yourself…. her and kellen’s date is next chapter and yeah…… thanks for reading…….

Anonymous asked: Robyn and chris are some freaks I am glad she is only sleeping with chris her having sex with both will really complicate things but I hope she is on some strong birth control because he and chris have sex like rabbits lol

what’s birth control? never heard of it……. lol well we don’t know if she’s sleeping with kellen yet….. their date hasn’t exactly happened yet…. and no one is strong enough to turn down good sex….. and that is what chris gives her….. lol……. thanks for reading…..

kellikrazybreezy asked: can u send me the chapter list thanks

here you go updated chapters link page…..

Chapter List - http://whatwillbe.tumblr.com/Chapters

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